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Where Do I Start?

Whether you’re looking for a flexible schedule, an opportunity to travel, or a variety of practice options, locum tenens practice may be right for you.

Practice Management

Visit the business resources page for AANA practice management tools, templates, and checklists.

Business of Anesthesia

Check out all the employment resources here.


Here you can find all your insurance needs. Including coverage options. Allowing you to work to the fullest extent of your licensure and scope of practice.

State Law And Practice

Find information on all 50 states' educational and certification requirements, new graduate provisions, and statutory / regulatory nurse anesthetist recognition.

Clinical Practices

Click here to find out more information on the different clinical practices performed.

Working with Podiatrists and Dentists

Nurse anesthetists may be interested in working with podiatrists or dentists and have questions concerning the legal status of doing so in various states. To learn more click here.

Health and Wellness/ Peer Assistance

Visit COVID-19 Well-being for health and well-being resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Locum CRNA Holy Grail - Free 1 Hour Course

The Locum CRNA Holy Grail is a free course that provides valuable insights and strategies for locum CRNAs. This course covers essential topics and techniques that can help locum CRNAs excel in their field and achieve success in their careers. Whether you are new to locum work or have been practicing for years, this course offers valuable information and practical tips to enhance your professional journey. Click here to watch.

Download Your FREE PDF - Everything you need to know about setting up your 1099 business structure on one page

Are you a CRNA looking to set up your 1099 business structure? We have a FREE PDF guide that will walk you through everything you need to know, all on one page. Simplify the process and avoid common pitfalls with this essential resource.

Download Your FREE PDF - Think before you deduct. A list of deductions that could get you in hot water.

Tax season is pain. This free 1-pager guide will help you avoid the pitfalls of illegal or unverified deductions as  CRNA with a 1099 business. 

Download Your FREE W2 Salaries by State PDF

Want to negotiate for better CRNA jobs? Please see the table to discover average W2 Salaries in your area and increase your earning potential.