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Direct contracts, no middle-man.

Lokum App helps nurse anesthesiology providers view jobs, credential with multiple facilities, join local talent pools, and book excellent spot days, ongoing PRN jobs, contract CRNA locum jobs, and permanent positions. 

Manage your work life on one platform.

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Check out assignments across the country and directly apply for them in one click. Whether you’re looking for travel, 1099 assignments, or permanent placement positions, Lokum App lets you manage the entire process yourself. 

It’s fast, simple, and recruiter-free – the way the CRNA locum tenens experience should be! 

Our Mission

To improve the work lives of Healthcare Providers through simplifying their work transactions.

Our Business Model

We keep it simple and charge a small fee to Healthcare Partners when a provider shows interest in a position or assignment, and when they accept a job.

Our Value Add

We put convenience, autonomy and flexibility in Providers hands, and we connect Healthcare Partners for a fraction of the cost.

How Lokum App Works.

We’re not a job board; we provide a central marketplace for anesthesiology services and plan to support you from start to finish.

Healthcare Facilities and Groups who are looking for highly skilled Anesthesiology Providers (CRNA) can use our simplified dashboard to post and manage 1099 jobs and temporary locum tenens assignments.

Anesthesiology Providers use Lokum App to select jobs that bring flexibility to their work lives and directly exchange information with facilities.

We Think You'll Love Lokum App, but Don't Take Our Word for It.


Great people behind Lokum App!

I think the team has been great and responsive! It seems like y’all really care about the candidates. I appreciate the responsiveness of the team and dedication to make sure that Lokum is a success.
- Healthcare Partner

User-Friendly Interface!

Very straight forward, user friendly.

The map view is AWESOME!

Just explored a job opportunity

I just had a chance to tour the cath lab in Fort Worth! I really liked it! I am going to take a little bit more time to think on it. This process has been very easy with the Lokum App and I love it as a resource!”

Amazing product and amazing company

Finally, groups like us can compete with these big box agencies and all their tech!
- Healthcare Partner

A One-stop Shop for Your Independent Contract Needs.

Lokum App provides you a better way to manage all your locum crna tenens assignments and permanent contracts. Whether you are a seasoned clinician or just finding your way in the locum tenens job market, Lokum App has the resources you need to find the right locum tenens opportunity quickly and efficiently.

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