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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Lokum App and how does it benefit me?

Lokum App is a streamlined matchmaking platform designed to connect CRNAs with relevant job opportunities (locum tenens, spot shifts, ongoing PRN, contracts, permanent positions) that align with your skills, preferences, and career goals. Receive timely job updates directly on your phone and manage applications effortlessly through the app. Plus, our secure credentialing wallet allows you to easily upload and share your credentials with potential employers, streamlining the application process. Check out our interactive demo.

Is Lokum App free to use for CRNAs?

Yes, Lokum App is completely free for CRNAs to download, create a private profile, apply and connect with healthcare organizations for jobs.

How do I create a strong profile on Lokum App?
  • Complete all profile sections, including experience types, availability, and desired pay rate (optional).
  • Upload your credentialing documents to your secure credentialing wallet for easy exchange.
  • Clearly outline and update your career goals and preferences.

Will my information on Lokum App be kept confidential?

Lokum App prioritizes your privacy, which is why individual profiles are required. We use secure measures to protect your information and only share it with potential employers you choose to connect with.

For Healthcare Organizations

How can Lokum App help me fill open CRNA positions?

Lokum App’s intelligent matching algorithm connects you with a qualified pool of CRNAs actively seeking job opportunities that match your specific requirements by learning from you. This streamlines your recruitment process and reduces time-to-fill for open positions. Additionally, our platform features a credentialing wallet, allowing CRNAs to easily share their credentials with you, expediting the verification process. Check out our interactive demo

Is there a cost associated with using Lokum App?

Lokum App offers various subscription plans to cater to your organization’s needs. Contact our sales team for a free consultation or create a free profile now to find the right plan for you.

How do I screen CRNA applicants on Lokum App?

Lokum App allows you to review detailed CRNA profiles, including experience, skills, and qualifications. You can also access their resumes right away once they choose to connect with you (if submitted). Once you decide you both want to move forward, they can give you access to their credentialing wallet.

How do I contact interested CRNAs through Lokum App?

Lokum App facilitates secure communication directly within the platform. Once a CRNA applies for your position, you can initiate a conversation and schedule time to talk right away.