How Lokum is Reimagining Healthcare Staffing Through Technology

Are you tired of dealing with traditional recruitment agencies when looking for locums anesthesia jobs? Look no further than Lokum, the innovative tech company that is reimagining healthcare staffing.

What is Lokum?

Lokum is a two-sided mobile matchmaking platform that connects Anesthesia Management groups, consultants or vendors directly to Anesthesiology Providers. Lokum was created in America’s “Medical Mecca” by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist from the burgeoning tech Start-up ecosystem in Texas. They are reimagining locum tenens anesthesiology staffing and recruitment through technology. .

How is Lokum Different from Recruitment Agencies?

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, Lokum does not rely on a commission-based business model for its recruitment services. This means that healthcare partners can save on recruitment costs while still finding the perfect provider for their needs. Lokum also offers a more user-friendly experience for providers, allowing them to easily browse and apply for jobs. There’s more: they’re also advancing tech. Lokum intends to bring advanced technology solutions to the problems of credentialing document information management and exchange.

Why Choose Lokum?

Lokum’s innovative approach to healthcare staffing allows for more efficient and cost-effective recruitment. By leveraging technology, Lokum is to simplify the work transactions between our Healthcare Partners and our Providers.

Looking for Locum or Anesthesia Jobs?

If you’re in the market for locums or anesthesia jobs, Lokum is the way to go. By using Lokum’s platform, you can easily browse and apply for a wide range of positions, from ongoing jobs during the week, to short and long term anesthesia contracts. Don’t waste any more time dealing with traditional recruitment agencies – sign up on our platform today.

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