Lokum vs. Recruitment Agencies: What’s the Difference

Lokum: What is it?

What’s the difference between Lokum and CRNA recruitment agencies? The better question might be: why choose Lokum over traditional recruitment processes? To create a local pool of clinicians for your anesthesia management company and manage your independent contractors all on the same platform.


Why should your healthcare facility choose a SaaS platform like Lokum for your anesthesia staffing needs instead of recruitment agencies? If your ultimate goal is to find a clinician to fill an open role and you’re willing to pay a premium for an agency to market that role and present you with a resume, then sure!


But, if the goal is to be matched with the right CRNA without the burden of hefty commission fees, quickly and efficiently, you have to be more intentional with your hiring process. And that’s where  Lokum can help!


As we explore Lokum vs CRNA recruitment agencies, consider the hiring process, the potential return on investment (ROI), and how well each option aligns with your business goals.


Ultimately, you should choose a platform that will fit seamlessly with your practice management needs, satisfy your facility clients, and provide a cost-effective, and sophisticated solution for managing your independent contact CRNA workforce.


What is Lokum?

Lokum is a two-sided matchmaking platform that connects Anesthesia Management groups, and consultants directly to Anesthesia Providers.


Lokum was created in America’s “Medical Mecca” by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist from the growing tech Start-up ecosystem in Texas. We aim to reimagine locum tenens’ anesthesiology staffing and recruitment through technology.


Lokum offers a cost-effective and streamlined solution for healthcare partners to find independent contract anesthesia workers (CRNAs) without the burden of hefty commission fees.


Meanwhile, providers benefit from the freedom and flexibility of finding 1099 assignments directly, escaping the limitations and exploitation often associated with recruitment agencies.


Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, Lokum eliminates the need for middlemen, creating a direct connection between our healthcare partners (Groups) and providers. This not only simplifies the process but also significantly reduces costs for our healthcare partners. By bypassing the commission fees typically charged by recruitment agencies, Lokum enables anesthesia groups to save substantial amounts of capital. Our pricing model makes it an economically sustainable solution.


For providers, Lokum represents a gateway to the future of work in the healthcare industry. Through Lokum , providers gain access to a vast network of 1099 assignments, empowering them with the freedom to choose assignments that align with their preferences and lifestyle. The platform offers sophisticated tools and features that allow providers to streamline their job search, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.


With a focus on transparency, efficiency, and fair practices, Lokum is gaining traction as the go-to platform for both healthcare partners and providers. By creating a more direct and mutually beneficial connection, Lokum is reshaping the landscape of healthcare staffing, empowering professionals and organizations alike.

What are CRNA Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment agencies are companies that specialize in finding and hiring candidates for other companies. These agencies work with employers to understand their hiring needs and then search for candidates that fit those needs.

Recruitment agencies typically have a pool of candidates that they have already screened and are ready to be hired, and when they don’t, they seek them out. When a recruitment agency finds a suitable candidate, they present them to the employer, who then decides whether to hire them.


Lokum vs CRNA Recruitment Agencies: A Comprehensive Comparison

When it comes to healthcare staffing, Lokum stands out as a superior alternative to traditional CRNA recruitment agencies. In this comparison, we will explore the key points between Lokum vs CRNA recruitment agencies and why Lokum is the better option for both management groups, and clinicians.

  • Create a local talent pool and manage that talent pool on one platform.
  • Streamline the hiring process and cut the time it takes to fill your assignments.
  • Save on recruitment costs by avoiding commission fees completely.
  • Do all of the above from a simple, user friendly platform.

Wide Network of Healthcare Practitioners

Lokum boasts an extensive network of highly skilled and qualified healthcare practitioners, including independent contract anesthesia providers (CRNAs).


Through their platform, healthcare partners gain access to a diverse pool of providers, ensuring a broader selection to choose from when filling assignments. This broad network enhances the chances of finding the perfect match for each job, leading to improved outcomes for healthcare partners.


In contrast, CRNA recruitment agencies, depending on their size, typically have a limited network of providers, or very little agility. This restricted pool can result in delayed and suboptimal matches, or it might require you to have to source candidates from multiple agencies, hindering the efficiency of the hiring process. Our network of providers will always scale, and we can match you to the right clinician for your unique needs.

Hiring Process

Lokum simplifies the hiring process for healthcare partners by eliminating the need for intermediaries. Through the Lokum , healthcare partners can directly connect with providers, streamlining the entire hiring journey for independent contract CRNAs. This direct interaction allows for faster communication, efficient negotiation, and seamless coordination, ultimately expediting the hiring process.


On the other hand, CRNA recruitment agencies introduce several layers of complexity and delays. The involvement of third-party recruiters often leads to slower response times, prolonged negotiations, and administrative burdens. This convoluted process can impede the timely placement of providers, causing unnecessary delays in healthcare operations.

Save on Recruitment Costs

One of the primary advantages of Lokum vs CRNA recruitment agencies is the significant cost savings it offers to our healthcare partners. Traditional agencies typically charge hefty commission fees, which can be financially burdensome for practice management groups and hospitals.


Lokum, on the other hand, operates without collecting any commission fees, allowing healthcare partners to save substantial amounts of capital. These savings can be reinvested into other areas of healthcare operations, ultimately benefiting the organization as a whole.


As an example: A hospital in Texas pays $56/hr -to the recruitment agency they use for the services of each CRNA. Lokum, on the other hand, uses a lead-generation model. We don’t profit from the Clinician’s labor.

User-Friendly Platform

Lokum’s user-friendly platform, Lokum , sets it apart from CRNA recruitment agencies. The is designed with a focus on simplicity, intuitiveness, and ease of use. Healthcare partners can navigate the platform effortlessly, quickly finding and connecting with providers that match their specific requirements. We collaborate with our healthcare partners to design and improve the software product itself, doing our best to make sure that we meet their technological and human resource needs.


The Lokum also offers sophisticated search filters and features, further enhancing the user experience and enabling precise job-clinician matching.


On the contrary, CRNA recruitment agencies often rely on outdated systems and cumbersome processes, relentlessly calling, emailing and texting clinicians who may or may not be looking for work. Navigating their processes can be frustrating and time-consuming, leading to decreased efficiency and increased frustration for healthcare partners.


With Lokum, the future of independent contract staffing is more sophisticated. By offering a seamless, transparent, and efficient platform, Lokum is transforming the way practice management consulting groups and providers connect, bringing significant benefits to the industry as a whole.

To experience the advantages of Lokum firsthand, sign up today and discover how our innovative platform can finally help you meet your healthcare staffing needs.

Which is better, Lokum vs CRNA Recruitment Agencies?

Ultimately, the choice between Lokum and recruitment agencies depends on the company’s hiring needs, budget, and preferences. However, with its capacity to help you recruit and manage your local pool of independent contract clinicians, user-friendly interface and affordable pricing, Lokum is an excellent option for companies of all sizes and industries looking to find the right talent quickly and efficiently. The current options are either inefficient or extremely expensive. Lokum is stepping into the gap with something new, and worth the try.

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