See How Much This Group ISN’T PAYING CRNAs

Have you ever asked this question: How much do agencies really make on placing CRNAs for Locums Jobs?

Our employer clients use Lokum App because they would rather negotiate with CRNAs directly and cut out the fees associated with paying a middle-man. We ask them about how much they’re spending.

We are here to help you make informed decisions while navigating your Locums or 1099 career by answering these types of questions. So with that being said, here is a real life example of an Anesthesia Management Company or Group & a break-down of their annual agency expenses.

Basic information to be aware of when reading this table:

  • They use 3 CRNAs a week for things like vacation coverage and shortages.
  • They have contracts with about 8 agencies that send them CRNAs for assignments.
  • The total amount in this case study is the amount of fees paid to recruitment agencies and does not include what they pay CRNAs.

Understanding the financial aspects of how agencies operate in the CRNA locums industry can provide valuable insights for you. For example, when you get an offer from an agency and want to see if the employer will negotiate directly, knowing that there is usually a 25-35% markup on the rate the agency is offering may help you find a good place to start thinking about how you will approach negotiations.

At Lokum App, we aim to empower CRNAs and employers alike by eliminating unnecessary fees and facilitating direct negotiations. Join us in improving your locums experience by referring employers experiencing shortages or seeking locums CRNAs.

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