The Future of Anesthesiology Staffing: Why Lokum Leads the Way


The world of anesthesiology staffing is changing rapidly. With advances in technology, the growing staffing shortages, and the increasing demand for outpatient surgical services, there is a greater need for nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists than ever before. In this blog post, we will examine the future of anesthesiology staffing and why Lokum is leading the way in this exciting field.

The Importance of Anesthesiology Staffing

Anesthesiology is a critical component of modern medical care. It involves the administration of anesthesia during surgical procedures, pain management, and critical care medicine. Anesthesiologists are highly trained medical professionals who play a vital role in ensuring patient safety and comfort during medical procedures. It is essential to have an adequate number of providers available to meet the demand for these services.

The Role of Lokum in Anesthesiology Staffing

Lokum is a leading provider of anesthesiology staffing solutions through technology, with a special focus on leading the industry away from the expensive recruitment agency model. We work with hospitals, practice management specialists, and anesthesia consulting firms, to provide highly skilled anesthesiology providers on a temporary or permanent basis. Our mission is powered through technology. With a two-sided mobile matchmaking platform that is open to our Healthcare Partners as a portal to connect directly with Locum Tenens anesthesiology Providers.

We are interested in technological solutions that will bring the utmost value to both sides of our marketplace. Examples include digitized credentialing information exchange regardless of which forms are currently used, in-app invoicing and payment services, and lots more. Our product roadmap is a testament to our commitment to becoming the premier central marketplace for anesthesiology services.

At Lokum, we understand the importance of having highly skilled and experienced anesthesiology providers available when and where they are needed. We provide the flexibility to meet the changing needs of our Healthcare Partners through tech, and we create a platform that is conducive to our Providers having the same flexibility in their work-lives.

The Future of Anesthesiology Staffing with Lokum

The future of anesthesiology staffing is bright with Lokum. We are committed to providing the highest quality anesthesiology staffing solutions to meet the evolving needs of our world, while harnessing the technological tools at our reach. With the continued staffing shortages in anesthesiology, and the increasing demand for outpatient surgical services, the cracks in the current system of work will only continue to grow. Locums Tenens agencies will continue to grow as well. along with their costs.

At Lokum, we are poised to reimagine this unsustainable system of work, via our equal commitment to human and technological solutions . As the needs of our clients continue to change, we will continue to innovate and provide the most effective and efficient anesthesiology staffing solutions available.


The future of anesthesiology staffing is exciting, and Lokum is leading the way. With our commitment to excellence, our team, and our focus on providing the most flexible and effective staffing solutions through tech, we are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of this unique specialty. Whether you need temporary or long-term anesthesiology staffing solutions, Lokum is the partner you can count on.