The Tedious Credentialing Process for Providers


Healthcare providers know that the credentialing process for Advanced Practice Providers is a time-consuming and tedious task. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is still stuck using archaic measures in their documentation management processes, making it difficult to streamline the credentialing process. But, there is a solution on the horizon. Lokum, a centralized platform that will allow modernized exchange of information without our Healthcare Partners having to change their documents, plans to implement a mobile process for clinicians to submit their credentialing information in shorter steps. In this blog post, we will explore why the credentialing process is so tedious and how Lokum can help make it easier.

Outdated Documentation Management Processes

One of the main reasons why the credentialing process is so tedious is that the healthcare industry is still using outdated documentation management processes. Many hospitals and healthcare organizations still rely on paper-based documentation, which is time-consuming, prone to errors, and difficult to manage. Additionally, the use of multiple different forms by multiple different facilities further complicates the credentialing process, as providers have to navigate a variety of different forms to gather and submit the necessary information. The process is messy, and according to our customer research on Nurse Anesthetists, takes up to 6 hours each time it has to be done.

The Importance of Accurate Credentialing

Although the credentialing process can be tedious, it is important to remember that it is a crucial step in ensuring that healthcare providers are qualified and competent to provide care to patients. Accurate credentialing helps to maintain patient safety and quality of care, and ensures that healthcare providers are meeting the necessary standards and regulations set by governing bodies. It shouldn’t be such a slow and lengthy process to gather, verify, exchange, and process Provider credentials. Moreover, Providers are tired of how difficult and repetitive the process is.


Lokum’s Solution

Lokum’s feature in-progress, a mobile process for clinicians to complete and submit their credentialing information in shorter steps, will help streamline the credentialing process for advanced practice healthcare providers. Lokum’s platform will allow for a modernized, automated exchange of information without requiring our Healthcare partners to change their documents. This will not only save time for healthcare providers, but also increase accuracy and reduce errors in the credentialing process.


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